NJRW’s 30K Writing Challenge Complete!

30k-write-a-way1I just cleared NJRW’s 30K writing challenge for the month of February–JeRoWriMo! Thank god for canned food and classic Nintendo which kept my husband alive while the laptop ate my brain.  Love you, Dave.  🙂

Also, thanks to everyone in the JeRoWriMo loop who kept me super motivated so I could stay up way past my teacherly bedtime and listen to my muse.

Michelle Joyce Bond

YA Romance Reviews

Microreview in Twenty or Less: Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

imageFormerly average high school senior screws up, pumps up, and gets pinned with a crime he didn’t commit.  Read it!

Think you can write a better microreview of Twisted in twenty words or less?  All challengers welcome!  Alternatively, if you’ve read and enjoyed this book, please leave your thoughts below.  🙂