New Butterfly Profile PicM.J. Bond writes offbeat young adult and new adult paranormal romance. She’s been writing romance since she was a teen and Soulmate by L.J. Smith ignited her imagination. M.J. attended Rutgers University where she received high honors in English and annoyed everyone by never putting her hand down. When not at work, she can be found scribbling in notebooks or tapping at the keys.

M.J. is a member of Romance Writers of America; its Young Adult chapter; its Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal chapter;  and its New Jersey chapter. She also serves as Decorations Chair on the New Jersey chapter’s conference committee.

M.J.’s atmospheric new adult paranormal romance, THE RAVINE, is her newest work and a multi-contest finalist. It recently took first place in the light paranormal category of Virginia Romance Writers’ Fool for Love Contest and the new adult category of YARWA’s Rosemary Contest.

THE TWENTY-EIGHTH KISS, M.J.’s geeky, offbeat NA paranormal romance, is a multi-contest finalist and has taken first place in the paranormal categories of San Francisco Area Romance Writers’ Heart-to-Heart Contest, First Coast Romance Writers’ Beacon Contest, and Windy City RWA’s Four Seasons Contest.

Her YA paranormal romance, BENEATH US, is also a multi-contest finalist and has taken first place in the YA/NA category of Virginia Romance Writers’ Fool for Love Contest.

She is represented by Eva Scalzo at Speilburg Literary.

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RWA (Romance Writers of America)

NJRW (New Jersey Chapter of RWA)

YARWA (Young Adult Chapter of RWA)

FF&P (Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter of RWA)



96 thoughts on “About

      1. Hmmmm..so that you are using glasses… 🙂
        How you imagine this name “sleeps with notebooks”

  1. Have you published anything yet? Also, do you actually like revising. I can’t stand it. Writing is great, but revising. Ugh. I’m currently in the middle of editing my first novel (and writing two others). It’s the most boring thing in history.

    1. Nothing published yet. I’m working very hard to write something I feel is worthy of that. I’m starting to believe that, “Everyone’s got four terrible books they have to get out of them before they write one worth reading,” thing. I sort of settled into revision over time so now it’s actually the most relaxing part of my day. The big payoff is reading my manuscript the next time and moving smoothly through this or that section text I really worked to death. What’s your first book about? 🙂

  2. Great Blog and I love the name. Somehow I find myself sleeping with books very often. lol I fall asleep reading, then wake up and go right back to reading. Oh and I love paranormal romances so keep writing so I can read one of yours.

  3. On an unrelated note, your header image is driving my mind crazy. I love notebooks and I love looking at different covers and I love collecting them, and writing on fresh pages… I’m seriously crazy about them.

  4. Do you review books? I have written a paranormal mystery. I have it in hard copy and on Kindle and Nook. It’s been edited by the self-publisher, proof read, and then self-edited a few times. I would like to have someone’s opinion who I admire. I know that you are busy with your book. I thought I would ask on the small chance that you might be interested. I just wanted to know whether to scrap it or keep on promoting it.

    1. I’m honored you would think of me, but I’ve got a couple of projects going right now plus teacher homework. Maybe you could find a critique group in your area? There’s a writing group that meets at my library for example. Often you can form critique partnerships with other writers you meet at events like those. Best of luck!

  5. Hi there. Glad I found this blog. You have built a very impressive site! I blog on everything from politics to film review. Would be lovely if you can follow back. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch. I really like the way you right (but that shouldn’t be a surprise) and I love the humorous way you give advice. I find myself thinking I should have another go at writing fiction … after all I’ve got a guide now. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep enjoying what you’re doing.

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