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Shameless Deep Thoughts: Beneath the Words

imageWhen an achingly good song ends, there is the silence in which I consider why this sound had such a powerful effect on me.  Music can be deceptively simple.

I think about the bones of the song–the structure, the melody, and the instruments as well as the passion the musicians put into that music.  All the practice and change that went into it.

And then I imagine every other song that musician ever wrote–every scale and note she played in practice, the encouragement and criticism she’s received over the years, elation, doubt, and how she chose to keep going.

So here I am listening to “Only If For A Night” by Florence and the Machine, knowing every note that crashes into my chest has a thousand notes beneath it.  I’m writing in my notebook aware that what’s coming out needs a lot of work and will probably only be seen by a handful of people.  But I’m loving it because maybe, if I’m lucky, one day I’ll write a sentence like Florence wrote a song, and it will crash into you.

Michelle Joyce Bond


11 thoughts on “Shameless Deep Thoughts: Beneath the Words

  1. Far too often we enjoy art (books, music, films) without realizing how much work went into them. Thanks for reminding us to take a moment and appreciate how much blood, sweat, and tears are behind them. 🙂

  2. You could intimidate yourself with this way of thinking,
    which I hope will not happen.
    I suppose I tend to the lazier line, I do it because that’s what I do.

    1. Thank you, Rod–you’re totally right. 🙂 It’s always intimidating to read powerful books. I shouldn’t compare myself to those authors so much as do the best I can for myself. 🙂

  3. We all aim to become skilled at our respective crafts and fulfill ourselves before others; which is a healthy way to approach writing, music, art, game design, or other creative art.

    Secretly though, I think every creative wishes to become or do something great; and it’s not within any one person’s control; but it would feel wonderful to pass that fulfillment onto somebody else.

    1. This makes me think of a conversation my husband and I have all the time. There is effort and talent, but so much is left to chance. I guess I’m leaving out how wonderful (and stressful, lol) the journey can be. Got to enjoy the ride. 🙂

  4. I gave up on Florence (and her machine) when I saw her on SNL. However, I am always willing to give anyone another chance. Only If For A Night had a beautiful video on YouTube. Thank you for inviting me to take a second look.

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