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INTIMATE DANGER by D.C. Stone — Hot Jersey Author

intimate danger
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Next in this series of incredible romance authors from New Jersey is D.C. Stone whose romantic suspense, INTIMATE DANGER, wet my appetite for crime dramas.  Stone’s wit, detailed setting, strong heroine, and dangerous antagonist had me hooked from the first chapter!

Tough, no-nonsense detective Charlie Lopez is tackling the case of her life.  A string of break-ins targeting women has rocked her quiet hometown.  As the peeping Tom’s crimes escalate, the reserved, sexy FBI agent, Trent Rossi is assigned to help with the case.  Soon, he’ll find that Charlie is as protective of her heart as she is of the town.  She has suffered enough losses to put up a wall against Trent, but this man’s sharp mind and hot touch threaten to take everything down.

Stone has done a beautiful job painting the small town of Nyack that is the backdrop to this drama.  The characters are sharp and memorable, especially her complex heroine, Charlie, whose history and presence in that town make her all the more believable.  I enjoy strong female protagonists, and it was a pleasure watching Charlie go head to head not only with the delectable Trent Rossi but with the bad guys.  Another feature I loved about this book was how Stone was unafraid to get into the head of the depraved antagonist–a man whose identity remains a secret until the end.

I hope you enjoy this sexy, heart-stopping read!  Here’s a link to D.C. Stone’s website:

Michelle Joyce Bond


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