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UNTANGLE MY HEART by Maria K. Alexander — Hot Jersey Author

untangleNext in this series of incredible romance authors from New Jersey, I’m pleased to present Maria K. Alexander, author of UNTANGLE MY HEART.

When Edward sweeps in to help Kate and her family design a new family restaurant, Kate is completely set against becoming involved with the dashing Brit again.  But their short fling is blooming into something more as Edward is drawn closer and closer to her.  This is despite Kate’s dark past: an abusive marriage that ended in tragedy.  Kate is afraid to risk her heart again, but Edward is determined to win her over.  Her strength and the warmth of her close family are things Edward is missing in his life, the history of his own cold, British upbringing leaving wanting for something more.  Will he be able to untangle her past and win her heart?

I fell in love not only with Alexander’s complex characters but with the family life she depicts in this heartfelt, sexy novel.  There is a subplot in which Kate is considering adopting an orphaned boy that really tugged at my heartstrings.  Both Kate and Edward are working through their pasts, and it was wonderful to watch them develop together, growing into one another.

Something that really set Alexander’s writing apart was the tension created by and underlying threat that ran through the book.  Kate is being stalked, and as her past catches up with her, both she and Edward will need to fight against it.

Untangle My Heart builds to a gripping, satisfying conclusion.  Don’t miss this powerful love story!

Maria K. Alexander’s website:

Michelle Joyce Bond


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