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What I’m Writing: Offbeat, Bittersweet YA Romance

imageI’m officially changing my tagline from “sleeps with notebooks” to “Offbeat, Bittersweet YA Romance.”  I love the old tagline, and though I still plan on making quirky posts about reading a writing, I’m also working to build a brand–one I hope you’ll really love!

I made a deal with myself a while back that I wouldn’t publish any posts about specific story ideas unless they were on their way to publication, but I want to lay the groundwork for the kind of content I’m writing and hopefully wet your appetite. (Crossing fingers that my dream agent will find me, and I won’t leave you hungry!)

I now have a hand in both contemporary and speculative writing, so I took some time to examine my manuscripts closely for the spirit that rings through all of them.  I like cynics as well as farcical humor, magical realism and just plain realism, high concept plot construction, and characters that remind me of me as a teenager, so ready to spring from my old life into the next.  But overall, my voice is offbeat, and my endings–bittersweet.

I am obsessed with romance and am an omnivorous reader besides.  I feel there is a time and a place for every (good) book, but the ones that really stick with me are stories with bittersweet endings—where not everything is exactly perfect, but there is hope that after the cover closes, the characters will go on to find their happiness.  The reader can do this since the author’s laid the groundwork for the reader to imagine the characters having a life beyond the book.  These are the stories that seem truest to me.  They are the ones that sit like a warm shard of glass in my heart, and I will carry them with me always.

That’s what I want to give you.  That’s why I write.

Michelle Joyce Bond


10 thoughts on “What I’m Writing: Offbeat, Bittersweet YA Romance

  1. Very excited for you and hoping to see my daughters devouring your published works (bittersweet is right up their alley 😀).

    Also, please keep your book recommendations coming.

  2. I love this! I really like what you said about endings… while it’s always nice to have endings that are completely happy and with all loose ends tied, there’s something about them that don’t feel like real life. Looking forward to reading your books in the future 🙂

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