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Read Like a Writer: FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

FangirlStrong, flawed, excessively introverted female protagonist + adorable, affectionate, extroverted male = I love this book! 

Top Five Things I Loved About This Book (in no particular order):

1. snappy, fun dialogue
2. self-aware narration including humorous jabs and writers and readers
3. cool parallels between the embedded fan fiction and the actual narrative
4. realistic problems that are pushed over the top to the point that the characters become parodies of themselves…extremes that they are aware of and even COMMENT about
5. Levi 🙂

Michelle Joyce Bond

Photo credit: goodreads.com


10 thoughts on “Read Like a Writer: FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

  1. Fangirl was such a fun book. I definitely liked it better than Eleanor and Park – it seemed like it tied together more of the loose ends, rather than the abrupt ending we get from the latter. Stupid, AED “Abrupt Ending Disorder” !

  2. I really loved this book! It was so sweet – besides, who doesn’t love Pseudo Harry/Draco fanfiction? ;D The only flaw, in my opinion, is that Rowell ends all her books so abruptly.

    1. Agreed–the book within a book was really fun, and I love how she lined up what was happening with those characters to reflect on the major story (and give the protagonist even more dimension by inviting us into her little world). I’m on my second Rowell book now, Eleanor and Park, and I hope it doesn’t end abruptly–it’s amazing! Rowell is excellent on building so-real-I-could-touch-them characters. 🙂

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