After Dark

All my life, I’ve had this dream where eventually–if I’m crazy-lucky–I’ll get to stay home all day and write.  But then I have days off…and almost nothing gets done.  It’s a perfect world right now where I’m burning at both ends because the most and best writing is done after dark. 🙂


12 thoughts on “After Dark

  1. There a famous Australian writer, Thomas Keneally, who had to write to pay the bills, he had to meet his publishers deadlines. When “Schindlers List” became a bestseller and a movie, he no longer had to worry about the bills, he suddenly found he lost the impetus to write. sometimes we need a little pressure.

  2. I used to believe that waves of inspiration would travel through space and into my mind late at night. Sorta like how certain radio channels only seem to come in clear after most of the city has gone to sleep.

  3. I would not like to stay at home all and write. I would get restive, with a strong desire to be outdoors. We all need refreshment of one sort another.

    1. I know! I imagine that when I retire it will be much the same. 🙂 For now, I’m a teacher, and I hold a ton of things off until the summer…plus rewriting lesson plans, part-time jobs, babysitting, and this year–writing curriculum. It stacks up!!

      1. I find my most random and interesting thoughts happen while I’m performing my job. But considering I can be in my mind all day so long as I’m paying attention to the road while doing so, that could be a bit cheaty

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