Best Craft Book (In My Opinion) of All Time: THANKS, BUT THIS ISN’T FOR US by Jessica Page Morrell

untitledIt is my firm belief that any writer, novice to pro, can benefit from reading this “(Sort of) Compassionate Guide to Why Your Writing Is Being Rejected” written by an editor who has seen it all. Entertaining and informative, she reveals common pitfalls and guides writers to write the best book possible–beginning with the underpinnings of fiction including plot, conflict, and character. She then moves outward in chapters on sensory detail, dialogue, style, emotion, and more. I come back to this book at least once a year, especially when I’m in the planning stages of my writing. If you are a novice–even if you’ve never submitted a manuscript–consider it your duty to pick up this book!  Seriously…READ IT.

Michelle Joyce Bond


13 thoughts on “Best Craft Book (In My Opinion) of All Time: THANKS, BUT THIS ISN’T FOR US by Jessica Page Morrell

  1. Hi Michelle, grabbing our copy now! Thanks for this incredible post; Any writer who doesn’t challenge themselves…their work on a regular basis, doesn’t whole heartedly want to perfect their craft! As for us, we are always willing to learn more each and every day and pray we never stop growing as writers! Sharing this now. On another note, I was wondering if I could ask you a personal question. Do you do editing for money? Just curious for us as well as another friend who is looking for an editor. We’ve used the same two, but the woman has recently had a baby and doesn’t want to share her mommy time with editing, which we can’t blame her. And the guy says it’s pulling too much time from his daytime job. If you’re not interested we completely understand.

    1. Agreed–writing is thinking, practice, and revision, revision, revision! The more I learn, the better I’ll write. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me, but I do not edit. You guys might try to find a good critique partner. There are several sites online that can help with that or you might try a local writing group. The best of luck and Happy Mother’s Day!

      1. Thanks any way Michelle. We actually belong to two writing groups locally but it seems everyone these days have no extra time. We we’re fortunate enough to find a former teacher of Inion’s who works at the High School and who’s offered to do it. Thanks again and Happy Mothers Day to you too!!! xoxox 😉

  2. Just picked up a copy the other day from the library. I was surprised how good it was after only two chapters. That said I feel like a lot of “these” types of books offer really similar information.

    It’s also depressing to read how you did every depressing mistake at one time or another.

    1. I agree–a lot of these types of books offer the same kind of information, but I guess I just like her style. 🙂 I’ve definitely made many of the mistakes she points out as well (some to a hilarious degree). Hopefully, however, I’m learning!

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