Countdown to Carousel: My Year-to-30 “Bucket List”

imageI’ll be turning 29 this week, but aside from planning a huge Logan’s Run themed party (due to take place a year from now), I haven’t given much thought to what I’ll do with my last green year.  So, here goes my abbreviated goodbye-to-my-roaring-twenties “bucket list.”

1. recline in a random field of authentic wildflowers

2. swim in another ocean

3. network with more writers, getting to know them and their work

4. read a ton of excellent books–can’t stop adding to my Goodreads list!

5. maybe–hopefully–get on the road to publication with my last book (in which I play with time)

6. write the fun, cynical, existential, paranormal romance I just started (in which I play with space)

7. write a ton of awesome curriculum

8. make life-long readers and writers out of some young minds

9. get out of the country and see something amazing

10. stop…and look around

What do you think?  Anything I should add?

By the way, if you’ve never seen the 70s cult classic Logan’s Run, look it up.  It’s one of those movies that, at times, is so bad it’s good, but it’s concept is one that always stuck with me.  In the simplest terms, Logan is a ” sandman” who lives in a post-apocalyptic, dome city.  His job it is to kill people over the age thirty who don’t willingly self-destruct at “carousel.”  See it!

Michelle Joyce Bond


25 thoughts on “Countdown to Carousel: My Year-to-30 “Bucket List”

  1. May you have happiest of the days
    Find new ways, cross continents
    Feel content, or not, and go crazy
    Then repent, travel Maldives to Seychelles
    Michelle 🙂 Happy Birthday to you 🙂

  2. This is a great list – especially the make future readers/writers part. I was inspired to take writing seriously as a profession for myself by my English teacher, you know. 😉

    & May you have a very Happy Birthday. 😀

      1. It’s been “in development” for decades. Most recently, Ryan Gosling was going to take the role but he walked away because they can’t get a script together. Last I heard someone else was going to try to write a script, the lead guy who created the Bioshock game series. Joel Silver of the Matrix franchise still has the production rights, I think. More info than you probably wanted, right? I do try to keep up!

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