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Draft-Like-I’m-Crazy Stage

imageForgive this bitty blog, but I’m past the character-building/world-building/insane-looking-first-notebook stage and onto the draft-like-crazy-in-my-horrible-handwriting-second-notebook stage of writing.  I’m off to lose some sleep giving life to a character who’s a bit of a world-builder herself…though in a more literal sense.

What stage of writing are you in right now?  Be cool and give it to me with a lot of hyphens and/or backslashes!

Michelle Joyce Bond


30 thoughts on “Draft-Like-I’m-Crazy Stage

  1. Fortunately, I just hang out with writers. I get to enjoy their triumphs and the pain and work is something that I don’t get the full exposure to. Good skill with your second stage writing.

  2. Right now, at no stage at all. Waiting two weeks for things to happen ‘within three to five business days’ then finding they don’t. Then again, I am as happy not writing as writing.

  3. The almost-done-wait-that’s-not-right-oh-darn-I’m-stuck-maybe-if-I-try-DOCTOR WHO!? I LOVE DOCTOR WHO! COUNT ME IN!

    That phase in writing where distractions spring up way too easily >_>

  4. I’m in the ‘working-like-a-dog-to-finish-this-final-edit’ stage with the hopes of ‘finally-allowing-myself-to-pay-attention-to-the new-girl-in-town’ story which has been winking its eyes and distracting me. Arggh!

  5. Aw to be in the writing world with real live writers again! 😀 Enjoyed reading these comments. I’m in the been-there/done-that/tried-it/post-self-published-decade/post-recent-writer’s-purge/completely-lost-in-transition/to-be-or-not-to-be/didn’t-shred-my-political/cultural biography-research-so-maybe-I’ll-rise-like-a-Pheonix/but-gotta-succeed-at-something/times-a-wasting/dare-I-try-again?/can-a-writer-reinvent-themselves? stage. 🙂

  6. Hi Michelle, building worlds a hefty feat for an advantageous writer. but wonderful for us readers who long to visit!! We are taking a break, giving more time to our blog before heading into the ole’ writing room to edit a book of ours. So all’s pretty calm on the writing front. 😀

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