Calling All Lovers of Paranormal Romance

imageIf you know a good paranormal romance book that is either young adult or new adult and includes many of the same elements as a psychological thriller (similar to films like Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Butterfly Effect, etc.) please shout out below!  Also, if you know of any young adult or new adult books that are like the films above but do not fall into the paranormal romance genre, please tell me about them anyway.

I am in the laborious research phase during which I locate, read, and review other books that would be shelved with my own.  If you’d like to share a similar experience doing research for your own book, even if it doesn’t fit the genres I mentioned, feel free to share.  I’d love to hear it. 🙂

Michelle Joyce Bond


19 thoughts on “Calling All Lovers of Paranormal Romance

  1. I recommend you pick up a copy of Sonia Levitin’s young adult book “The Cure”. I read it in high school, and enjoyed it, and it is somewhat similar to the movies you mentioned (which are in my top ten favorites btw! Butterfly Effect was my top favorite for years). It’s also similar to the movie Equilibrium. I really liked the ending of the book, which I of course won’t give away!

    The google books review says this about it –

    “Deviant. Rebellious. Abnormal. The Elders say Gemm 16884 is all these things, and that he is a threat to the utopian society in which he lives. The Elders give him one chance to save himself: He must undergo the mysterious and painful “cure,” or he and his twin sister, Gemma, will be automatically recycled. Gemm chooses “the cure” and finds himself in the year 1348, at the onset of the Black Death. He is now Johannes, sixteen, living in Strasbourg–a town beset by anti-Semitism. Johannes struggles to hold on to his faith and family, his love for Margarite, his passion for music, and his belief in the goodness of human beings. But can the will of one boy change the world? Award-winning author Sonia Levitin weaves a chilling tale of a futuristic society colliding with the past–and delivers an unforgettable message about the recurring nature of history.”

  2. This is a genre that I was first introduced to this past year by the lovely and talented, prolific new author Sarah Cradit. It is a must read series if you are into paranormal romance. St. Charles at Dusk introduces us to the two primary families and the paranormal element is barely touched on, but as you progress through the series, you will be delightfully amazed! I highly recommend it. Her web site is here
    and I think she is running a promo right now…any book of hers for free, for a limited time, with some conditions. I don’t know the details because i have already bought them all!

  3. Okay Michelle, you have to tell us. Is your book ready for read yet? Cuz we’ll be the first in line!!! It sounds right up our alley & we would love to read something with dark, edgy characters & psychological thrills. Just commenting on our latest post, you no that your taste in books runs very close to Inon’s & I can tell you that she’ll be jumping at the chance to read yours! We have a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Mystery, Nightwalkers: The Secret of Jessup that is very unique in that the mystery holds it’s own against the romance. But from the titles you’ve listed above, I think you would prefer our Young Adult The Perfect 7. The MC is a lot like the Donnie Darko character in that he’s uniquely set apart from trivial teens. He’s dark, edgy, sarcastic & funny & his journey is not only a coming of age story, but a prophetic event that he completely rejects & fights against. Although the villain is quite capable of a physical assault. He spends most of his time playing mind games with our MC & his friends. Please let us know if you’d be interested as we would love to give you a copy & hear what you think. My only warning is that we stayed true to the unique MC’s voice therefore the book is laced with a lot of vulgarity & real-life teenage experiences that are often sugar-coated in Young Adults. Now for another suggestion, I’m going to throw something at you that your probably going to cringe from. We just finished a read that was completely out of our comfort zone. My son is a huge Apocalyptic fan but more so, Zombies. Because he’s devouring any & every book that comes down the pike as long as it has the living dead on the front. We wanted to see the allure. He hangs with close to ten boys his age & all of them we’re hardcore Zombie fans. If I was to be honest. We never had much for the genre feeling as though it lacked intelligent writing. Which made me narrow-minded. One should never judge something before they’ve tried it. I based my opinion on what I’d seen growing up & though I respect George A Romero for creating a Dynasty in a market that clearly was untapped. It wasn’t mine or Inion’s cup of tea. HOWEVER! We went past the bookstore & straight to the Video Store & rented a few of the newer movies: (The Crazies, Quarantine, World War Z, I Am Legend, Zombieland) & Voila!! We have a winner, Johnny. Brilliant writing, stellar acting with “A-lits” Actors & a fortune behind the film with special effects & yes. We’re fans now. Next came finding a book that we could enjoy like the movies. It took a while, but the answer would come in the form of a WOMAN!! Yes, most every Zombie book is written by men not women. But we found an Indie Author whose put a brilliant psychological spin on an old concept. Zombies. And we absolutely love the book. It starts off slow & you have to stay with it. But if you do, trust us when we say it WILL pay off. We we’re pleasantly surprised by the writers knowledge on the subject and her unique twist in a pretty cookie-cutter formula genre, that never varies in degrees. It’s always a virus, it’s always the end of the world, it’s always dead people that want to eat you. Body count, body count. Cool make-shift weapons that no one’s ever heard of. But J. Cornell Michel found a way to make a Zombie book brilliant. The name of the book is: Jordon’s Brains. I just bought a copy & had J. Sign it for my son & both Inion & myself have read & reviewed it. Take a walk into the dark world of Zombies & give it a chance. You might find yourself like us shocked at loving something that we normally wouldn’t have taken a second look at!!

    1. Oh my gosh–thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed response! I sort of made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t show my book to anyone besides my inner circle of beta readers unless I knew it was on its way to being published and I’d gone into advertising mode. I am, however, honored that you’d offer to read it and are excited by the blend of genres! Hopefully, I will be able to get an agent’s attention. 🙂 I would love to read The Perfect 7 if you’d like to send it. (It’s also okay if you change your mind. 🙂 ) Edgy books don’t scare me–in fact–I love them! I’ve actually also learned to like zombie movies–Zombieland being my fav. Jordon’s Brains sounds like a cool read!

  4. If you have some sort of eReader, I’d recommend “Dead Letter Office” because not only is it an easy read with interesting characters, it also has a choose your own adventure element, haha. There is a sequel and there may be a third at some point, just so you know 🙂

  5. We’re going to give you our email address so you can mail us yours and we’ll send you a copy of The Perfect 7 right away. So excited to find a fan of edgy novels. They’re a rare breed indeed. My daughter’s the same. Like I said before it is a bit vulgar as we’ve tried to stay true to a seventeen year old male’s voice. We hope that everything works well for your novel and we’ll be the first in line to get our copy. The books you’ve cited as your style/faves tell us that you are one helluva writer and we love your blog, so we’ll definitely be checking it out.
    Email: inionnmathair@frontier.com

      1. We just changed our internet service recently, Michelle. So sorry we didn’t let you know about it. We’re sending you a copy of The Perfect 7 right away. Happy reading.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I, too, am in the research phase of a book! Only mine is more of a medieval fantasy…cliche, I know! I didn’t even know paranormal romance was a genre, but I LOVE Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal is my freebie)! I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog for sure!

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