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Back Into the Notebook

imageIt’s that time again–to stare off into space like I’m catatonic…and then move like a whip, snatching up the first sticky note, receipt, torn envelope, or candy wrapper to blow in my direction.  I’ll turn over my purse, spilling markers, Sharpies, and broken pencils on the floor (wondering briefly what my cat did with all the pens), and then I’ll tear at the paper scraps until the words let me go.

Next, I’ll tape all the scraps in a notebook and write around them…past them.  I will eventually run into the more attractive sister of my first idea, and build her up.  Up!

Five different colors of ink.  Sophisticated cursive on one page and animal scratches on the next.  Staple surgery and pages torn from other notebooks.  That’s my little monster.

Now, time to share.  How do you get down ideas?  Do you keep a “little monster?”

Michelle Joyce Bond


54 thoughts on “Back Into the Notebook

      1. I travelled Australia a couple of years ago with my two dogs Tibby and Charlie on a sabbatical. I am settled now for awhile. I had a lot of grounding about Australian outback because my Dads family lived in the Flinders ranges South Australia. For many years I travelled the Outback with Dad and have a fascination for Australian history. I am South Australian

  1. Time to share. I sometimes write them down on bits of paper, backs of incoming mail, envelopes.
    Sometimes I file them in a Word document. Often, I mislay the bits of paper and can’t remember the location of the file. So really I rely on memory.

    For articles of interest I find on the web, I store them using Evernote and am often amazed by what’s in there.

  2. Post it notes, envelope scraps and my moleskine. Like Rod, I try to use Evernote too. But invariably I put a note on my ipad and my phone before one I sync either of them and it messes the whole thing up.

  3. I hadn’t considered spoiled cheese to help remember those dreams! 🙂 8-hour workaday and ADD means I use vast amounts of stickynotes, meeting minutes (oops!), receipts, business cards, envelopes and in desperate moments, the back of my hand! All tossed into a shoebox or the journal du jour to be mined later.

      1. And our teachers thought we were aspiring graffiti artists! I love these posts, the insight into other writer’s techniques and quirks. Fun and intertesting 🙂

  4. First, I have to say I really like the cartoon. As soon as I get an idea I use any paper I can find and then I put the note in a file folder. Then I go back to wondering when I will have to time to execute the idea.

  5. When I get an idea or hear a great conversation, I write it down/put it down in my phone, random computer document, scrap of paper, or notebook on my desk and lose it the next day. These are sad, trying times these are.

  6. Ha, I WISH my thoughts were contained in a notebook… no… mostly it is tons and tons of little scraps of paper and sticky notes which I try to keep in organized piles. It’s a disaster. Occasionally I begin the task of compiling them. Until I get distracted half way through. Maybe someday I’ll graduate to a notebook and multi colored pens.

  7. I am very visual. Like you, I must attack scrap paper with my own doodles. Everywhere I look I see faces from stains on the ceiling to rocks on the ground.Most people see bunnies in the clouds. There is much more if you look a little harder!

  8. I don’t actually have a little monster, I have a spider diagram! 🙂 I’m anticipating using a notebook in 2014 for my ideas though, as this is my year for ‘getting serious’!

  9. Thanks for coming over, good to have you on my humble blog. Re your question on how I get ideas, anything sensory normally works for. If I look at a photo, I start creating a story around it and normally go quite over board. If I hear a sound or a song (literally music to my ears 🙂 ) I create a tune around it and see what I can fill it with. Scent of beautiful person elate me to heavens 🙂 . The key is to write or draw when you are enjoying or feeling the pain or at least remember how it felt.

  10. I carry my iPod Touch with me, and jot down ideas in the Notes app when they hit me! As I love haiku so much, and they can be written mentally somewhat easily, I wrote this one in my head before I typed it up while I waited outside of a church service Wednesday night in a corner of the room outside the… whatever you call the room people sit in. Chapel I guess. I’m tired, vocab and grammar suffering…. Didn’t end up posting it, though I just now remembered it!

    “Corner Post”
    by Ry Hakari

    Quiet, calm, composed
    Haunting the corner, a ghost…
    The north-western-most

    1. Everyone’s so high tech with their apps, it’s making me jealous! It’s cool though that, no matter the tool, you’re still doing the best thing a writer can do–writing when the inspiration strikes you! This poem is mysterious. I wonder what the north-western ghost could be… 🙂

      1. It’s a she, and she recently moved to Oregon, a state on the north-west coast, from a couple towns over from me, here in the Mid-West. Also it was me, I wrote the haiku in the north-west corner of the room I was in. It was a double-meaning poem. Her’s and my relationship was doomed to die when she moved, and we are now ghost-like lovers, haunted by longing for what once was, and now no longer is possible.

  11. I really enjoyed reading (all) of that. I tend to have shreds of paper everywhere,with my notes on them. Who knows,perhaps a monster helps me write them? 🙂

      1. it really is! I so often wake in the night,think of something. but cannot find a piece of paper,wherever I look. 🙂

  12. Ahh, it is very good to find time for just you, because if you don’t you will someday look in the mirror and see your shoulders as high as your ears! Take time to do what you enjoy, now. Not later because we don’t know when it might be too late.

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